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Original Art Description:

Cliff Dubois is an Indigenous artist from the Cree/Saulteaux Pasqua First Nation.  The title of this painting is called "Spiritual Messenger."

"My name is Strong Wind Man, which was given to me at age 15," says Cliff, who has been painting for decades.

"This painting is a gift from the Creator to the community.  I paint for the people," says Cliff.

Cliff discusses the teaching, vision and spiritual message behind the art.

"This painting shows us Eagle Messenger flying high in the sky, towards the sun, bringing prayers to Thunderbird, who represents cleansing, healing, and is the giver of a healthy, pure life."

"The colours of the earth are grounding, and the three colours on the eagle, from inner to outer (yellow, orange, and red) represent mind, body and spirit."

"The emptiness in the Eagle's belly is a reflection of the inside.  It represents an endless hunger to work and to heal.  An endless supply of energy.  The Eagle's wings represent a strong connection to the spirit world.  The seven dots represent the seven spiritual grandmothers and grandfathers of the spirit world, watching over us."

Origins Dermatology Centre is grateful to Cliff for providing and allowing the use of his artwork in the visual representation of our centre, and what we stand for.

Origins Dermatology Centre is a place of healing, where all people from all walks of life come together.  We are also a centre that represents a safe, healthy and positive environment for Indigenous people with skin conditions.