Symphony of Life

Symphony of Life: Electronic Music 

A project for fun by Rachel Netahe Asiniwasis

Physiological Music: Translation to Graphs 

Physiologic Music Steps: 

Step 1:

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Step 3:

Symphony of Birth 

• Uterine contractions (frequency, intensity, duration)

• Cervical dilatation

• Cervical effacement

• Cervical length

• Fetal station and engagement

• Sagittal suture angle

• Neck angle

• Stages of Labour and Delivery (including latent and active phases)

• Stage I, II, III, IV

• Cardinal movement stages

• Breathing rates, blood pressure, heart rates, rhythms – some included

• Placental delivery

• Maternal Heart Rate

• Other: Time, Rotation, Placental Delivery

• For this specific symphony, I have mathematically translated certain metrics of birth into intervals, frequencies, intensities, durations and sounds using self-taught Logic Pro X (electronic). Of note, I am not a musician, I follow no “musical rules”. The attached first symphony about to be played is called “Birth: The Beginning of Life.” I recommend headphones for this!

• For example, the physiology of childbirth involves both that of the mother and newborn. Uterine contractions increase in frequency, intensity and duration. Both the mother’s and the baby’s physiology changes as it descends throughout the birth canal, as does the mother’s cervix which shortens and dilates. Other parameters can also be measured eg. breathing rate changes, as does blood pressure, heart rate and rhythm, internal temperature and muscle tone. There are changes right down to the molecular level that can be objectively measured.)

• Armed with a multitude of medical journals, textbooks, and knowledge, I want to as accurately as possible research and document physiology of various states of birth and graph plot them onto raw rates, patterns, and rhythms associated with each state. I then translated these graphs (drafts attached below) onto Logic Pro X to make an electronic musical translation based on the graphs themselves – you can follow the graph as you follow the music!

Disclaimer: This project is intended to be artistic expression only, and is not meant to represent accurate musical principles, physiology or biology, or provide any lessons or instructions in this field. Estimations are approximate and relative, and are not based off any single individual. This includes time scale and expressions of magnitude and duration. Don’t spend too much time scientifically analyzing this, as that is not my intention. I have attached some drafts below of my sketches and notes while working on this. This is just for fun!

• I have more symphonies that are in progress. Including postpartum, death, and even that of wound healing!